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KUMA Santoku Kitchen Knife - Classic Series - 7" Japanese Style Chef's Knife for Fish, Meat, and Vegetables

KUMA Santoku Kitchen Knife - Classic Series - 7" Japanese Style Chef's Knife for Fish, Meat, and Vegetables

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KUMA Santoku - A Japanese take on the western chef's knife.

SANTOKU - THREE USES: The word Santoku translates to "3 virtues", referring to the cutting, slicing, and chopping of three popular Japanese ingredients. The Santoku knife design came to life in 1940s Japan where traditionally a Gyuto knife was used to cut meat, a Deba knife would cut fish, and a Nakiri knife was used cut vegetables. The Santoku was invented as a multi purpose all-around kitchen knife that could excel in all three areas.

CHEF'S KNIFE - A JAPANESE TAKE: The Santoku is the Asian response to the Western general-purpose chef knives. KUMA Santoku has a straight edge to chop in traditional Japanese forward and backward motions. A scalloped design reduces food sticking to the blade when mincing and dicing through that ripe tomato, fresh onion, rough cabbage etc. Enjoy a razor sharp blade that makes cutting through pork, beef, and chicken feel like butter, making your cooking life easier and more fun than ever before.

SHARP FOR AGES - DON'T GO DULL: The Classic KUMA Recipe is a perfect balance of rust-resistance, toughness, and long edge retention. Our skilled knife artisans have mastered this Recipe with unique, secret techniques that make all KUMA knives stand out from our competition. KUMA Santoku is no exception with its long lasting razor sharp blade that just keeps going. Its steel is the easiest and quickest to hone or sharpen making it easy for anyone. Per the old KUMA saying, "COOK WITH EXCELLENCE".

COMFORT IS KEY - NO SORE HANDS: Familiar with those unbalanced knives with large, bulky handles? Or those rough knife spines that hurt when you press down on them? We sure do and what fun is cooking when it's uncomfortable? Cooking is an art so the process must be seamless and enjoyable. Enter KUMA Santoku. A balanced knife designed for simplicity, elegance, and comfort. Its smooth ergonomic non-slip handle alleviates hand fatigue. Say goodbye to tired hands and welcome TRUE joy of cooking.

GIVE A SLICE - THE BEST PRESENT: A gorgeous gift for the cooking enthusiast. Do you know someone who loves to grill juicy, tender steak, sausage or brisket? And that person who just loves fresh fruit and vegetables? Give them the gift of making cooking more enjoyable - perfect for the professional chef and for the home cook. KUMA Santoku comes in a beautiful black gift box that's ideal for gifting and for storage. All KUMA products come with an extended WARRANTY and hassle-free MONEY-BACK option

TAKE CARE - TIPS FOR A LIFETIME: To take proper care of your new knife we recommend to always wash it by hand and never use dishwasher. When the knife is clean it is important to fully dry it with a soft cloth or towel right away. Never leave your knife wet in the sink or with drops of water on it when not in use.

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