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Question: Can KUMA chef knives cut through pumpkin or butternut squash?

Answer: Yes, KUMA chef’s knives can cut through harder food items such as pumpkin, butternut squash or watermelon. The spine of our knives are broad and smooth enough for a hand to apply pressure on it without getting hurt.


Question: Can the KUMA 8 inch chef knife carve a turkey?

Answer: Absolutely. KUMA knives are versatile and can be used for many cutting jobs. It will work as a carving knife.


Question: Does KUMA sell used products?

Answer: No, KUMA only sells brand new products. Any used or opened product we receive back from a customer is directly donated to our friends at Feeding America food bank, Second Harvest.


Question: Do KUMA knives come with a protective cover?

Answer: The Premium KUMA Chef's Knife comes with a protective cover / sheath. 


Question: What is the Premium Damascus Steel Chef Knife?

Answer: The Premium line features our Japanese chef knife. It is a professional chef knife with a hard Japanese imported steel blade and an ultra comfortable handle. This Damascus chef knife is made from the finest materials we can get our hands on and it delivers a razor sharp, long-lasting and premium experience. 


Question: I want to sharpen my KUMA knife. What is the blade’s angle on KUMA knives?

Answer: The bevel angle of all KUMA knives is 15° 20°.


Question: Are KUMA knives sharpened by hand?

Answer: Yes! All our knives have a distinctive personal touch as they are sharpened by hand.


Question: Are KUMA knives full tang knives?

Answer: Yes, indeed. KUMA knives and the KUMA Honing Rod are all full tang products. 


Question: How do you keep your kitchen knife sharp?

Answer: Our knives are designed to keep their sharp edge for a long time. However, it is always a good idea to keep maintenance. The KUMA Honing Rod is ideal for maintaining your edge retention on the Original KUMA Chef's Knife. With the Premium KUMA Chef's Knife, we recommend using a whetstone or a ceramic / diamond honing rod.


Question: Where are KUMA products manufactured?

Answer: Our products are first designed in KUMA's home facilities. From there, all our products are crafted in our world-class facility within YangJiang, China by expert bladesmiths. This is a unique and passionate city with an impressive history of masterful knife crafting throughout nearly 1500 years.

Our mission has always been to provide unparalleled quality kitchen knives that are affordable to everyone. If our knives were to be produced locally instead, our prices would have to increase significantly. Our facility in China stands proudly above all others in YangJiang as our team of passionate bladesmiths are highly devoted to prove to the world that Chinese artisans can deliver exceptional, world-class quality. Finally, our products go through detailed quality insurance processes with personal inspections and care given to our products. In fact, we at KUMA stand so firmly behind the quality of our products that we proudly offer a lifetime limited warranty with each purchase along with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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