KUMA Brand Ambassador

Are you interested in being a Brand Enthusiast or Brand Rep for KUMA? 

We have an amazing team of chefs, foodies and casual cooks, rocking our knives across the U.S. and would love to have you come along and join us. Our Brand rep program is a tiered system consisting of Brand Enthusiasts and Brand Reps. To apply for the Brand Ambassador program, all you need to do is:

1. Click on the button below the video (this will open Facebook Messenger)

2. Once inside Messenger, type "brand ambassador" (this will start your application!)





Brand Enthusiast

The Brand Enthusiast or “KUMA Sous Chef” is our shortest term, going for only a month, that can be joined any time throughout the year. We require that our enthusiasts post to Instagram 4 times over that month. Your photos can consist of your KUMA knives in action, chopping through your homemade brisket, slicing fresh ingredients and/or creative images of the products. As a  Brand Enthusiast you get a great discount on products (The KUMA Chef Knife and KUMA Honing Rod) at the beginning of your term. After the month is up, and if you would like to continue with us, then you will have the opportunity to apply for our Brand Rep team.


Brand Rep

The next tier is our Brand Rep or “KUMA Master Chef” program lasting 3 months. Within this program there are tiers that reward reps for purchases, promotions, and engagement so your efforts do not go unnoticed. Upon approval you will receive a personalized discount code for you, your friends, your family, and your followers. You can earn commissions on any sales made with your discount code!

For the course of the term there is also a rep contest in which you will have the opportunity to score points for engagement on posts, number of posts, and more for the opportunity to win cash prizes.

We ask that Brand Reps post a minimum of 2 photos and 2 videos a month OR 4 pictures per month and ensure that the posts align with our brand. We also would love creative photos of the products themselves.


For all positions we ask that you tag us with our handle, @kumaknives, and with the #kumaknives #cookingwithkuma #chefsknife #kumasouschef #kumamasterchef hashtags on all photos.