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How to Get Your Free Knife

1. Tap the button below to open Facebook Messenger.
2. Select "Want a FREE knife" from the menu in Messenger.
3. Follow the steps from there to place your order!

You'll be asked to buy a KUMA Japanese Damascus knife before getting the choice of your FREE KUMA Chef's knife or KUMA Pro-Bolster Edition!

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KUMA Japanese Damascus Chef Knife - 8” Premium Hardened AUS10 Steel Kitchen Knife - Professional Edition

Enter The KUMA Experience

The premium KUMA Chef’s Knife features a blade consisting of 67 fine layers of beautifully crafted Japanese Damascus steel. Its handle is made of deluxe materials making it super durable and providing the comfortable grip you expect from a KUMA product.

Razor Sharp Out Of The Box

Witness cutting edge sharpness and precision out of the box with this premium multi-purpose cooking knife from KUMA. Hand finished to brutal sharpness. 67 layers of premium Japanese steel deliver extraordinary strength. Exquisite profile design and materials ensure a smooth handling experience. Cut through tomatoes like butter, carve meat to your preference, and even chop through thin bone. Enjoy unrivalled versatility.

A Premium Experience From The Finest Materials

Your kitchen knife plays an important role every single day and deserves only the finest materials available. At KUMA, we understand that. Feel the quality of this chef’s knife made of ultra sharp Japanese Damascus steel. It is engineered to perfection with an exceptional blend of modern technology and ancient techniques. The knife features a minimal bolster that exposes the blade heel to enable thorough cutting jobs. At a 58-60 Rockwell hardness, this 2.5mm thick super blade consists of 67 fine layers of high-carbon steel.

Creating high quality kitchen knives for everyone.

Hi there!

I'm Oliver and next to me is my sister, Mia. We are what you'd nowadays call foodies. We enjoy cooking, but we LOVE using the right tools for cooking. Our favorite tool is the kitchen knife, and that's why we started KUMA - a small family run kitchen knife company that strives to deliver you the absolute best cutlery at fair, unrivalled prices.

Working as a small family business, we have our finger on the pulse constantly. We absolutely love the blessing of working together and having the freedom and focus to interact on a personal level with our many wonderful customers. The experiences gained from 1-to-1 interactions with YOU are thoughtfully translated into the products we create.

KUMA was born out of the desire to create high quality kitchen knives that combine razor-sharp performance with high lightweight maneuverability all packaged in a beautiful aesthetic design. In short, KUMA strives to create the piece of kitchen cutlery that everyone loves to use. And that is what the KUMA Experience means to us.

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