Tabbouleh Bulgur Salad with Crispy Salmon Recipe

Tabbouleh Bulgur Salad with Crispy Salmon Recipe

Prep time: 15 minutes — Cook time: 20 minutes — Total time: 35 minutes — Serving: 2 people


Easy recipe for tabbouleh bulgur salad served with fried salmon. A delicious, healthy and very tasty meal that’s perfect for lunch as well as dinner - and it takes just over half an hour to make!




4.41 oz (125 g) bulgur

1 cucumber

3 tomatoes

1 bundle fresh parsley

1 red onion


0.5 lemon


7.94 oz (225 g) salmon filet

2 tablespoons vegetable oil




  1. Start by making the tabbouleh. Cook bulgur according to box instructions. When they are finished cooking, wash with cold water to stop the boiling effect and then drain. Put aside.
  2. Grab your KUMA knife and cut cucumber, tomato, red onion, and parsley to very fine pieces.
  3. Mix it in a bowl with the cooled down bulgur.
  4. Press lemon juice all over the bulgur salad.
  5. Grease a pan and heat it up. Fry salmon with skin side down and sprinkle a generous amount of salt and pepper over the top. After 3-4 minutes flip it to cook the top for another 3-4 minutes. Leave the crispy skin on the salmon for a delicious crunch.
  6. Serve salmon with tabbouleh bulgur salad. Enjoy!


Recipe for tabbouleh with salmon

Here you get a super easy and delicious recipe for tabbouleh and juicy salmon with a crispy bite thanks to its fried skin. Tabbouleh is a Lebanese bulgur salad consisting of cooked bulgur, cucumber, tomato, red onion, parsley and fresh lemon juice. It’s a really simple, healthy and tasty salad.

It’s absolutely amazing with a piece of fish. We’ve used salmon filets with the skin on which is fried crispy on the pan. The only seasoning needed is some fresh black pepper and salt. This is a filling and healthy meal that’s perfect for lunch as well as dinner.

Bulgur salad with salmon

This is actually one of our favorite recipes with fish. The crispy skin side on the salmon gives a nice crunch that just goes perfect with the fresh bulgur salad which is full of taste and flavor. Definitely an easy and healthy dinner recipe that you can make in just over 30 minutes.


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