Easy Dinner Recipe for Creamy Fettuccine with  Bacon & Spinach

Spinach Pasta with Bacon in Cream Sauce Recipe

Easy Dinner Recipe for Creamy Fettuccine with  Bacon & Spinach

Prep time: 15 minutes — Cook time: 15 minutes — Total time: 30 minutes — Serving: 2 people



Simple recipe for a delicious pasta dish with spinach and bacon in a cream sauce. This is super delicious pasta dinner that takes just 30 minutes to make.



5.3 oz (150 g) bacon dice

1 white/yellow onion

3 garlic cloves

0.63 cups (1.5 dl) water

1 chicken bouillon cube

1.06 cups (2.5 dl) cooking cream

1.41 oz (40 g) fresh spinach


0.25 bundle fresh parsley

8.82 oz (250 g) fresh fettuccine pasta



  1. Grab your favorite KUMA kitchen knife and chop onion and garlic into fine pieces.
  2. Fry bacon on a pan with no grease.
  3. When it’s almost done cooking, add onion and garlic to sauté. Stir and let it cook for a few minutes.
  4. Add water, bouillon cube, and cooking cream.
  5. Let it all simmer and thicken.
  6. Add fresh spinach and taste with salt and pepper.
  7. Cook pasta after packaging instructions in salted water. When it’s done, move it over to the pan and mix it with the sauce.
  8. Serve immediately. Top with some chopped fresh parsley for garnish and added flavor.


Easy recipe for a creamy spinach pasta with bacon in cream sauce

Here you get the recipe for a spinach pasta with bacon in a delicious and simple pasta sauce made with cooking cream. This is easy weeknight dinner that you can finish in half an hour, and it tastes wonderful. 


Simple pasta recipe with cream and bacon

We said it before and we’ll say it again. Pasta is perfect for easy dinner ideas. You can get so much out of so little. Take this recipe for example: we use 8 ingredients and we get a delicious dinner recipe out of it in just 30 minutes. We’ve topped our served pasta bowls with chopped fresh parsley. We also top with some sort of fresh herb as it just adds the final look and flavor element.


Pasta dinner ideas

As mentioned earlier we used fresh fettuccine in this dish. Not only does it taste wonderful but it also just looks extra delicious compared to a regular spaghetti, for example. In this recipe we like to use spinach fettuccine (the green ones) but you can use any kind. You can also use spaghetti instead if you like. If you want something other than bacon you could use turkey bacon or even kale. As you can see it’s a very versatile dish. If you want more pasta recipes to try, we can recommend our creamy fajita pasta penne recipe, our pasta with salmon and pesto, or perhaps if you’re in a carbonara mood after this recipe you may want to try our traditional Italian spaghetti carbonara recipe.


Cheap meal prep with pasta

If you make one small variation to the recipe, this pasta is perfect for mealprepping. To be safe if you want to make extras that’ll be reheated later, what you need to adjust is to leave out the spinach when you cook your pasta. This is because spinach contain nitrates. Spinach and other veggies that are rich in nitrates become increasingly toxic when you reheat them (emphasis on reheat - it is totally fine to heat fresh spinach). Having left out the spinach, you can easily scale up all other ingredients and cook a large portion to be put in food containers, and you’ll have delicious food lasting you for days. It will stay good in the fridge for about half a week, but what’s beautiful is that you can freeze it if you don’t want to eat it all for the next few days. This makes it great if you’re looking for easy and fast meal prep ideas.


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Spinach Pasta with Bacon in Cream Sauce Recipe

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