Healthy Melon Salad Recipe

Healthy Melon Salad Recipe

Prep time: 10 minutes -- Cook time: 5 minutes -- Total time: 15 minutes -- Serving: 2 people



Recipe for a very easy, quick and delicious melon salad. The spinach, blueberries, spring onions, and creamy feta really bring it home! This a fresh salad that works perfectly as lunch or as a dinner side.

We’ve topped this watermelon salad with roasted pine nuts as the roasted flavor goes absolutely awesomely well with the sweet and juicy melon as well as the salty feta cheese. If you don’t like pine nuts or can’t get them you can replace with some other kind of seeds. We recommend sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds as an alternative, and don’t forget to roast them to really bring out the flavor.

Use the veggies you prefer. In this recipe we have used blueberries and spring onion as our secondaries (the water melon and feta are the primary ingredients) as they give an amazing complimentary taste AND look beautiful in the salad. If you want to ad something else (or extra), things like asparagus, sugar snap peas or things of that nature fit perfectly.



1.94 oz (55 g) fresh spinach

7.05 oz (200 g) watermelon

2.29 oz (65 g) blueberries

2.29 oz (65 g) feta cheese

0.3 bundle spring onions

0.53 oz (15 g) pine nuts



  1. Heat up a pan with no grease. When it’s warm, add pine nuts and roast them for 3-4 minutes. Shake the pan or stir around frequently to ensure they don’t burn. Remove from heat when they’re roasted nicely.
  2. Grab your KUMA Chef's Knife and cut watermelon into dices. Slice spring onion into small chunks.
  3. Wash spinach.
  4. Find a bowl and mix spinach, spring onions, and watermelon. Break up the feta and sprinkle it over the watermelon salad along with the blueberries.
  5. Finally sprinkle the roasted pine nuts over the salad.
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