Creamy Vegetarian Fresh Pea Risotto Recipe

Creamy Vegetarian Fresh Pea Risotto Recipe

Homemade Risotto with Pea Purée, Fresh Lemon, Parmesan and White Wine

Prep time: 15 min — Cook time: 25 minutes — Total time: 40 minutes — Serving: 2 people



Easy and delicious recipe for homemade pea risotto with fresh peas, lemon, and parmesan cheese. A creamy and unique risotto that’s different from the risotto you’re used to.



1 chicken bouillon cube

2.11 cups (5 dl) water

3.53 oz (100 g) fresh peas

2 tablespoons mascarpone

0.5 white/yellow onion

3 garlic cloves

5.29 oz (150 g) risotto rice

0.63 cups (1.5 dl) white wine

1.41 oz (40 g) parmesan

2 tablespoons butter

0.5 lemon



1.06 oz (30 g) fresh peas

0.5 lemon

1 handful fresh pea shoots



  1. Dissolve bouillon cube in boiling water. Set aside.
  2. Remove peas from the shell. Take a small handful aside (about 1 oz) and then blend the rest with mascarpone for example using a hand blender so you get a smooth pea purée.
  3. Chop onion and garlic to fine pieces using your favorite sharp KUMA kitchen knife.
  4. Heat up a pot with a few tablespoons of oil. Then add onion and garlic to sauté for a few minutes until golden and soft.
  5. Add risotto rice and stir well so the rice can soak up the flavor.
  6. Add white wine and let the alcohol evaporate.
  7. Now add 0.42 cup (1 dl) bouillon water while stirring. When the rice has soaked up all the bouillon water, add another 0.42 cup while stirring. Repeat this process until all bouillon water has been used.
  8. Now add pea purée into the rice and stir well.
  9. Grate parmesan cheese into the pot and then add butter. Make sure to save a little bit of parmesan for garnish. Stir thoroughly to combine everything.
  10. Taste with black pepper and fresh lemon. Be careful with salt as the parmesan cheese is also quite salty.
  11. Add the remaining fresh peas right before serving and mix.
  12. Remove risotto from the stove and serve in 2 plates (if you’re cooking for 2 people).
  13. For garnish, grate some more parmesan cheese on top, add some more fresh black pepper, and add a bit of fresh pea shoots.
  14. Finally slice lemon into wedges with your KUMA knife and serve them with your fresh pea risotto. Enjoy!


Easy dinner recipe for fresh pea risotto

The most beautiful green risotto thanks to its fresh peas. The lemon, white wine, and parmesan gives it a perfect flavor and consistency. We love dishes like this as it’s ideal both on a busy weekday evening thanks to how easy it is to cook, but it also works as a nice weekend dinner as there’s just something fancy about a homemade risotto! Serve with a lovely bread and a nice cold glass of white wine and you have a classy meal that doesn’t cost a lot. We really recommend trying this one!

Simple dinner recipe for the family

This risotto has such a lovely round and mild flavor thanks to the fresh peas. This makes it a great meal to serve for the whole family as these are flavors that both kids and adults will enjoy.

The peas are blended with mascarpone to create a yummy smooth pea purée, making the risotto extra creamy. To balance the fat from the pea purée we use fresh lemon in addition to the usual white wine you’ll add to a risotto. This combination of flavors is something you’ve got to try. 

Frozen peas vs fresh peas

You could of course also use frozen peas if you have some in the freezer already or if you want to skip a step of removing the fresh peas from the little pod, but we do recommend using fresh peas for this dish. They just have more flavor in them, and we also add a few extra peas into the risotto in the end (that aren’t puréed), and frozen peas just don’t have as nice a structure as fresh peas do.


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Homemade Risotto with Pea Purée, Fresh Lemon, Parmesan and White Wine

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