Brændende kærlighed in Danish, a traditional classic dish with mashed potatoes topped with sautéd onions and bacon dice. Easy and comfy soul food.

Burning Love - A Mashed Potato & Bacon Dream Recipe

Prep time: 20 minutes — Cook time: 40 minutes — Total time: 60 minutes — Serving: 2 people



An easy recipe for a traditional Danish dinner called Burning Love. This is creamy mashed potatoes covered in sautéd onion, bacon dice, and fresh parsley. Topped with shredded beets. This is absolutely delicious dinner in just 4 easy steps!



Mashed potatoes

1.65 lb (750 g) potatoes

0.42 cups (1 dl) milk

1.5 teaspoon salt

0.71 oz (20 g) butter


7.05 oz (200 g) bacon dice

2 white/yellow onions

1.76 oz (50 g) pickled beets

0.5 bundle fresh parsley



  1. Peel potatoes and put them in a pot so they’re covered with water. Bring to a boil.
  2. Grab your KUMA kitchen knife and chop onion into small dice. Sauté them on a pan with bacon dice.
  3. When potatoes are done cooking, move them over into a bowl. Add salt, milk, and butter. Then use a hand mixer to break down and mix the potatoes until you get smooth and creamy mashed potatoes.
  4. Serve in bowls with mashed potatoes in the bottom, bacon and onion on top, and finally garnish with fresh parsley and pickled beets.


Recipe for Burning Love - a traditional dish with creamy mashed potatoes and toppings

Recipe for the classic Danish meal known as Burning Love (or in Danish “brændende kærlighed”). Creamy mashed potatoes, sautéd onion, crispy bacon dice, and a little hint of freshness from the fresh parsley and juicy pickled beets on top. This is a true, traditional classic that is simple to make and tastes great.

What is Danish food?

It is no secret by now that we love food from our home-country, Denmark. We have begun introducing more and more Scandinavian recipes recently, and the feedback we have received makes us so happy and motivated to share more. 

Just like we absolutely LOVE international food with all kinds of flavors and exotic spices, we find that Danish food is a great option in the opposite side of the scale, and it just hits a sweet spot when we’ve had delicious Thai and Indian food for a few days in a row.

Burning Love is no exception. It is such a delicious and simple meal that everyone will love. It is savory, creamy, fatty, yet fresh and sweet from the garnish. This is one of those meals that will lie heavily in your stomach after a good and hearty portion, buuuuut you still want to get a little bowl more, because why not?

Mashed potatoes with bacon and parsley

There is something really delicious over a meal as simple as mashed potatoes. It’s smooth and tasty, and when you top it off with sautéd onions and crispy bacon with fresh parsley and pickled beets - well, it’s heavenly. Never underestimate mashed potatoes just because they’re so simple.

Can I make this dinner more healthy?
, you can add some more vegetables to your mashed potatoes. For example broccoli, cauliflower, or carrots go great with the potatoes in a mash. That’s a very good way to get some extra greens and vitamins. We have a nice recipe for broccoli-mash here.

You can also choose to replace the bacon with turkey bacon or Serrano ham instead. This will make it less fat but still give a similar savory and satisfying flavor, bite, and consistency.


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