Damascus Chef Knife with a Sharp Steel Blade Completes 200 Amazon Reviews

Damascus Chef Knife with a Sharp Steel Blade Completes 200 Amazon Reviews

KUMA is pleased to reveal that its popular product Damascus Chef Knife has now received more than 200 reviews from satisfied Amazon buyers. This premium-quality chef knife takes meal preparation to the next level by delivering precise performance, durability and comfort in every cut. Made of hardened Japanese carbon steel, this professional-grade knife comes with stain and corrosion-resistant blades.

To find out more, please visit http://amazon.com/damascus-steel-knife/dp/B074RMQR9Q.

Damascus steel is characterized by multiple bands and mottling welded together in patterned fashion to create decorative blades of any shape and length with an inability to shatter. The word “Damascus” goes back to medieval western cultures. It refers to an earlier style of craftsmanship that first emerged in India around 300 B.C. Modern Damascus steel-making follows the practice of combining pure metals, varying in personal preference and need. Damascus steel knives come in various types for any number of purposes that range from camping and survival to wood-cutting and hunting.

“The beautiful thing about any Damascus knife is that, by design, it endures any forces put to it. Not only is a Damascus knife strong but also long-lasting. Knife enthusiasts like these knives also because such diversity reflects versatility inherent in Damascus absent from other blades. Damascus steel's history also draws favor, as it comprises a mystery that offers a sense of intrigue and enhances the ancient tradition dramatically,” said a spokesperson from KUMA.

KUMA informs that its Damascus steel knife has been manufactured using as many as 67 layers of premium Japanese Damascus steel to ensure extraordinary strength and longevity. Ultra-strong and chip-resistant, these knives provide solid and lasting resilience and resistance to corrosion. Each knife goes through an elaborate engineering process with eight different stages. Finally, to ensure long-lasting sharpness, they are hand-finished with KUMA’s V-Shape sharpening technology.

Numerous users have recommended KUMA’s Damascus steel chef knives because of its ergonomically designed, ultra-comfortable, lightweight, high-quality handle. Its exquisite design and minimum bolster allow smooth and thorough cutting using regular and pinch grip. Even while applying firm pressure, these knives provide a balanced and comfortable grip because of their hand-polished soft spine. Each set comes in a sleek, custom box and includes a high-quality sheath and knife guard for convenient kitchen storage.

“This knife is sharp! It looks great, and I cannot stress this enough, it is super sharp! My wife has talked about Damascus steel blades for a few years now, and I know she has always wanted a Damascus steel knife, so I was happy to get this for her. It comes with a sheath, which is absolutely necessary. You do not want to run into this blade rummaging through the drawer, I assure you. The knife is a joy to use. It cuts through all of our kitchen jobs smoothly and effortlessly. It feels great in your hand too. It has just the right weight without being heavy, and the handle is comfortable even when doing a TON of chopping. It's made meal prep a breeze, and that makes everyone's life much better,” an impressed user mentioned in his Amazon review.

More about KUMA's Damascus Chef Knife can be found at http://amazon.com/damascus-chef-knife/dp/B074RMQR9Q.

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