Damascus Chef Knife Brand Says Steel Chef Knife Most Utilized Tool in Kitchen

Damascus Chef Knife Brand Says Steel Chef Knife Most Utilized Tool in Kitchen

KUMA's Damascus chef knife sets a high standard for the most utilized tool in the kitchen. The brand has designed an 8-inch Damascus steel knife that not only easily slices through most foods but is also lightweight and comfortable to hold. 

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Aug. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- KUMA has at-home and professional cooks alike covered with its 8-inch Damascus chef knife forged with 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel for extraordinary strength and longevity in the kitchen. As one of the most utilized tools in the kitchen, the brand recommends that everyone invest in a high-quality chef knife.

Find more about KUMA's Damascus chef knife at http://amazon.com/damascus-chef-knife/dp/B074RMQR9Q.

Professional chefs agree that the chef knife is one of the essential tools in the kitchen, as it is used to create almost every dish. As is the case with most things, having the right tools for the job is essential. "Anyone who has spent any time at all in a kitchen will understand the value of a high-quality chef knife," says a senior spokesperson for the company. "A good blade provides consistent cuts that are precise and effective."

KUMA is a small, family-run kitchen knife company based in Denmark. With the Damascus steel knife being the founders' favorite tool in the kitchen, the company set out to deliver the absolute best cutlery at fair, unrivaled prices. "KUMA was born out of the desire to create high-quality kitchen knives that combine razor-sharp performance with lightweight maneuverability, all packaged in a beautiful aesthetic design. We strive to create kitchen cutlery that everyone loves to use."

The brand suggests that relying on low-quality knives can force the need to saw through the items, which can be time-consuming as well as dangerous. A sharp knife means more control and less chance of slipping when cutting.

KUMA chose hardened Japanese steel for its stain-and-corrosion-resistant properties. Once hardened, Damascus is harder than stainless steel. It is also able to retain sharpness for much longer. The finished blade features an ergonomically designed, ultra-comfortable and lightweight handle with minimal bolster to support hours of chopping and slicing, while using either regular or pinch grip or when applying firm pressure.

Engineered to perfection with an exceptional blend of modern technology and ancient techniques, KUMA's Japanese chef knife is put through a series of eight engineering processes and is hand-finished with the company's V-Shape sharpening technology for lasting sharpness right out of the box. This results in a blade that is exceptional at performing all cutting duties — slicing through vegetables, meat and even thin bone easily. The spine of KUMA's chef knives is broad and smooth enough for a hand to apply pressure on it without getting hurt when cutting through harder items such as pumpkin, butternut squash or watermelon.

The Damascus steel knife has consistently been receiving top reviews from happy cooks. One reviewer shared her thoughts, "I received this knife at a promotional price, and my husband was skeptical. Now, this is one of his favorite things in our kitchen. We had decent run-of-the-mill knives that he never complained about and kept sharpened, and this knife blows them out of the water. It cuts through a raw potato like it's a baked potato. It sliced through chicken just with the pulling motion on the knife — no sawing or pressure required. Our tomatoes are cubes when we cut them instead of getting all mushed up with seeds everywhere, as they did with our old knives. My husband actually won't cut watermelon with it anymore because it's so sharp that it cuts through too fast, and he wound up cutting himself a few times. I'd recommend this to someone who wants to add a nice knife to their kitchen."

Those interested in more information about KUMA and its Damascus steel knife can visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront at http://amazon.com/damascus-steel-knife/dp/B074RMQR9Q.

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