This Pro Cutting Technique Is Easier Than You Think (Claw Grip)

This Pro Cutting Technique Is Easier Than You Think (Claw Grip)


This is one of the most important basic areas taught in culinary skills. You must know how to hold and use your KUMA chef knife correctly. The reason? For starters, you do not want to serve food with bits of your own hand in it! ;-) But really, this technique increases safety while enabling precise cutting as you cut, slice, and chop. It is known as the claw grip.


This pro knife technique is a tip that professional chefs advise when using kitchen knives, whether you are using a KUMA Damascus steel chef knife, original KUMA Chef's Knife, or something else entirely. Here is the method:


  • Hold your KUMA knife in the dominant hand and place your thumb beside the blade where it meets with the handle. Rest your thumb on the blade nearest to the handle. 
  • Now curl your fingers on your non-dominant hand, using the middle finger’s lower knuckles to guide the cutting. 
  • Start slowly until you get comfortable. The above grip can be used for all cutting jobs like dicing, slicing, rock-chopping etc.

rock chopping kuma chef's knife 

This is one of the best cutting techniques you can ever learn from chefs. This method gives you uniformity while ensuring you do not injure yourself.



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