The Benefits of Choosing KUMA’s Professional Damascus Steel Knife!

The Benefits of Choosing KUMA’s Professional Damascus Steel Knife!

The two defining qualities of a premium grade kitchen knife are sharpness and durability.

KUMA professional Damascus steel knifes are molded to perfection with these two inherent qualities which make them a popular choice as professional chef knives as well as the kitchen knife of choice in every home. 

Why Choose Premium Quality Damascus Steel Knife?

The Damascus steel knife is multi-layered which means these premium kitchen knives not only stand out for their strength, but also for their beautiful and often intricate patterns.

The original Damascus method of making steel knives was a closely guarded secret which unfortunately was never completely revealed to the outside world.

However, the modern day Damascus chef knife is created using a method which closely replicates the original process of creating knives which involved folding multiple layers of steel to provide the blade with excellent durability and sharpness.

In addition to the incredible strength and longevity of the Damascus steel knife, another important characteristic which is necessary in any kitchen knife, is elasticity. A kitchen knife is used either for slicing or for chopping which means it needs to be strong yet flexible enough under pressure.

Many of the kitchen knives available in the market are sharp however, they don’t contain the inherent strength, sharpness, and elasticity of a Damascus steel knife.

KUMA Damascus Steel Knife for your Kitchen

It doesn’t matter if you are a cooking enthusiast, a professional chef, or new to cooking, an 8-inch chef knife is a must-have when it comes to kitchen utilities.

At KUMA we not only understand the importance of creating premium kitchen cutlery, but we are equally focused on creating cutlery that you can be absolutely proud of without compromising on the quality and design in any way.

Consider our 8-inch KUMA Damascus steel knife which is made using premium Japanese Damascus steel. The intricate folding of 67 layers of premium Japanese Damascus Steel builds both strength and longevity into our blades.

It’s no wonder that even professional chefs depend on the sharpness and durability of our knives when it comes to specific needs such as fine or bulk slicing!

On top of this, when you buy a KUMA kitchen knife, you won’t have to worry about the knife rusting as our knives are designed to be corrosion resistant. 

Our trademark production process involves putting each 8-inch chef knife through a series of 8 engineering processes. And if you are wondering about sharpness, res-assured, each kitchen knife is hand-finished for lasting sharpness using our unique KUMA V-Shape sharpening technology.

In addition, unlike the cheap handles used in most kitchen knives, the handle on every Damascus steel knife from KUMA is a perfect blend of comfort, since it is lightweight and easy to use, and style.

We say style because in addition to the detailing which goes into making each of our kitchen knives, we also place equal importance on safety and storage of our knives.

Which is why each professional-grade Damascus chef knife from KUMA comes in a beautifully customized sleek box which also includes a sheath and knife guard for easy storage.

Final Points

A Damascus steel knife from KUMA is a perfect addition to your kitchen utility as it combines both comfort and style. Designed to be strong, sharp, and durable, these 8-inch premium kitchen knives are ideal for any kind of cutting or slicing of vegetables and meats.

KUMA is a name synonymous with attention to quality and design. So when you buy from us you know you are buying premium quality. It is after all one of the main reasons why our customers love us!

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