KUMA's Professional Damascus Steel Knife Makes Kitchen Tasks a Breeze

KUMA's Professional Damascus Steel Knife Makes Kitchen Tasks a Breeze

If you wish to end your daily kitchen struggles with slicing and chopping delicate veggies, carving roast meat and filleting fish, KUMA Professional Damascus Steel Knife is here to make your life easier.

State of the Art Damascus Chef Knife

KUMA offers one of the most advanced and premium kitchen knives in the world, built with high carbon Japanese steel for razor sharp performance. This versatile 8 inch chef knife is designed to perform a wide range of slicing and chopping tasks in every kitchen.

Right from the tip of its blade to the bottom of the handle, this KUMA kitchen knife is crafted using highly durable and resilient materials, and is backed by elegant design for perfect safety and comfort.

Stand-Out Features of KUMA Damascus Steel Knife

Sixty-Seven Layers of Japanese Damascus Steel

The power of professional chef knives lies in the quality of the reinforced steel of their blade. Unlike the average chef knives that use inferior steel and thin blades, this KUMA 8 inch chef knife is produced with 67 layers of premium Japanese Damascus steel for exceptionally solid strength and lasting resilience under high pressure.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Unlike the run of the mill, low-grade chef’s knives, this KUMA Japanese knife goes through a series of eight engineering processes to create a sturdy, corrosion resistant knife for chopping, slicing and other kitchen tasks.

KUMA’s innovative V-Shape sharpening technology is used to hand-finish every single piece of this Damascus chef knife for lasting sharpness.

Perfect Handle

Premium kitchen products and kitchen utilities should have a high focus on the user’s comfort. The KUMA Damascus steel knife takes the handle as seriously as the blade.

It features a lightweight, ultra comfortable, ergonomically designed handle with high quality and stunning design. Its hand-polished soft spine provides a comfortable grip even when you are applying firm pressure while using the knife for slicing or carving.

Beautifully Packaged

These handcrafted premium kitchen knives from KUMA come in a stylish, custom box, and are accompanied by a high quality sheath and knife guard for easy storage in your kitchen. Whether you are a home cook or a pro chef, this kitchen knife is the ultimate cooking tool that will dramatically increase your cooking efficiency and performance.

KUMA’s Trust and Dependability

KUMA operates as a family business with a passion for creating the perfect kitchen cutlery. Driven by a desire for crafting the world’s finest kitchen tools, and constantly having a finger on the pulse of the kitchen community, KUMA manages to distinguish itself from the average makers of kitchen utilities.

The company’s personalized one-on-one interactions and close engagement with its customers allow it to bring the finest professional cutlery into the home kitchen. Customers that have used KUMA kitchen knives know that they can depend on the product for delivering stellar value to their kitchen year after year.

The difference between a good and a great product is defined by the pride the creator takes in their products. The extraordinary KUMA Damascus chef knife is a testament to this fact.

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