Is a Kitchen Knife Allowed in Check-in Baggage?

Is a Kitchen Knife Allowed in Check-in Baggage?

Many people prefer to put a knife in their baggage when they leave their home. While some do it for convenience, others carry a knife for protection. In fact, some people have a habit of putting a knife in their pockets before leaving home. But when it comes to boarding a plane or air travelling, you must think twice before carrying a knife. Usually, the knife is not allowed in planes. 

Flying with Knives 

The recent air-baggage regulations suggest that travellers are allowed to put a kitchen knife or pocket knife in the checked bags if needed. However, you cannot carry any type of knife in your handbags and other such carry-on luggage. With that said, the rules don't put any restriction on carrying a round-bladed butter knife as well as a plastic knife in the carry-on luggage. 

Kitchen Knives at TSA Security Checkpoint 

Do you often carry a pocket knife everywhere? If you have a habit of keeping the kitchen knife or pocket knife in your purse all the time, the chances are you might forget to take the knife out of your pocket or purse before boarding a plane. But as the airport screening process is strict, security won't let you carry a pocket knife or kitchen knife in your carry-on luggage. In such a case, you must put the knife in the checked bags. 

Though you cannot carry a knife in the carry-on luggage, you can definitely place it in the checked bags. It is worth noting that the knife is prohibited on the plane, but it isn't unlawful. So, if you are caught with a knife in the pocket or handbag, you won't be arrested or penalized. However, airport security will take your knife before allowing you to board the plane for security reasons.

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