How to care for the kitchen knives

How to care for the kitchen knives

An excellent kitchen knife is the one that makes your daily chores easy and straightforward. Initially, you might have to invest an amount of money on buying a good knife, but in the long term, you will not regret your decision. You can have the best chopping experience if you use a good-quality knife.

To make sure that your kitchen knives are working correctly, you need to take proper care of them. This includes sharpening or honing them from time to time and ensuring that the blades of these knives do not go dull.

Here are some of our expert tips that will guide you about taking proper care of your kitchen knives.

1. Do not leave knives in the kitchen sink

Leaving the knives in the kitchen sink can prove to be dangerous for you and others using it. This can also be bad for the knives as they can get scratched and get damaged from water over time. These knives will be of no use to you if their tips break or they start to chip. So, make sure that you are drying and keeping them aside once you are done the washing and cleaning them.

2. Store knives in a separate drawer

Never store the kitchen knives in the same drawer in which you will be keeping other utensils. They can get dented, chipped, scratched, and will generally be at the risk of getting damaged every time you jostle through the utensils in the drawer. Always keep your knives in a separate location where the blade of each knife is not in contact with other hard objects.

3. Never wash knives in a dishwasher

It is always a safe option to wash kitchen knives by hand. Washing them in a dishwasher can put them at the risk of getting damaged due to the high water pressure. 

Apart from following these essential tips, we also recommend to get your kitchen knives sharpened or honed regularly. This will keep them healthy and in good working condition, always ready for the next cut!

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