💡5  Knife Usage Tips

💡5 Knife Usage Tips


You have your KUMA knife and you are ready to prep all the delicious food and ingredients you've been dreaming of throwing at it. To get the most out of your KUMA Chef's Knife experience, I've prepared 5 kitchen knife usage tips and tricks. Ready? Here we go:

1: Do you ever have trouble with your cutting board slipping on the desk as you cut? Here’s an easy fix! Just place a towel below the cutting board and it will stay in its place. Abracadabra! (A wet paper towel will also do the trick) 


2: You may have heard a handful of tips about preventing the waterworks while cutting onions, but here's another good trick: just always use a razor-sharp knife 🔪 A cleaner cut will cause less damage to the onion's cell walls, thus releasing lesser irritants. Your KUMA should come in handy here❣️


3: Slicing thin pieces of raw pork or beef can be a bit challenging, especially if you're not used to cutting meat. What's more frustrating is you wanted to prepare some good-looking strips but you ended up with uneven and jagged slices. Here's a simple trick to make it easier: briefly put the meat into the freezer. 20-30 minutes is enough for thin cuts, but thicker ones will require more time to firm up.

If the meat is already frozen, just take it out from the freezer and partially defrost it until it is stable enough for slicing. 


4: You've chopped vegetables on your cutting board and you need to move them. It's tempting to scrape them off with your KUMA Chef Knife's blade - but the friction between your blade and cutting board will make your knife dull over time. Use the knife spine for scraping instead.


5: How to take care of your knife? It's easy!
Just because your knife doesn't cut cleanly doesn't mean it isn't sharp; maybe it is just out of alignment or the sharp edge is rolled over. A "rolled" edge happens when the blade goes over a hard surface such as a pan or a serving platter, thus slightly bending over the sharp edge to one side. It even happens naturally after a certain amount of usage.

To fix a "rolled" edge, simply use the KUMA Honing Rod. A few quick attempts on the honing rod and your blade will become razor sharp again. 

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