Crispy Panko Chicken with Indian Sauce and Rice Recipe

Crispy Panko Chicken with Indian Sauce and Rice Recipe

Easy Indian Dinner Recipe with Chicken & Coconut Milk Sauce

Prep time: 15 minutes — Cook time: 25 minutes — Total time: 40 minutes — Serving: 2 people



Easy and delicious recipe for crispy panko breaded chicken with a tasty Indian sauce. Served with boiled rice and Indian naan bread.



Crispy Chicken

15.87 oz (450 g) chicken breast

1 egg

1.76 oz (50 g) panko bread crumbs


0.42 cups (1 dl) vegetable oil

Indian Sauce

1 yellow onion

3 garlic cloves

1 teaspoon curry

2 teaspoons garam masala

2 teaspoons tomato purée

0.5 chicken bouillon cube

1.7 cups (400 ml) coconut milk


7.05 oz (200 g) rice

2 x naan bread



Crispy Chicken

  1. Grab your trusty KUMA Santoku or KUMA Chef’s Knife and slice the chicken breast across the long side so you end up with 3-4 strips per breast.
  2. Find 2 bowls. In one of them beat an egg using a fork, and in the other mix panko bread crumbs with some salt and pepper.
  3. Now add chicken breast to the egg bowl and make sure it gets covered. Take it out and let any excess egg drip off before moving the chicken over into the panko bowl. Ensure it gets nicely covered with panko on all sides. Put the breaded chicken aside on a paper towel or plate.
  4. Heat up a pan with a good amount of oil. Fry the chicken on the pan for about 3 minutes per side (depending on their thickness). Cook 1 or maximum 2 chicken fillets at a time so we don’t overcrowd the pan.
  5. When they’re golden and done cooking, remove them from the oil and put aside on a new piece of kitchen towel.

Sauce, Rice, and Naan

  1. Cook rice and heat up naan bread according to packaging instructions.
  2. Clean your KUMA knife from chicken and use it to cut onion and garlic to fine pieces.
  3. Heat up a pot or pan with 2 tablespoons of oil. Add onion and garlic to sauté for a few minutes until soft.
  4. Add tomato purée and all spices. Mix thoroughly.
  5. Now crumble in your chicken bouillon and add coconut milk. Stir well to incorporate everything.
  6. Let it all simmer for 5-10 minutes or until it starts to thicken.
  7. Taste with salt and pepper.
  8. If the sauce is too thin (as not all coconut milk is the same) you can thicken with a little bit of flour or cornstarch.
  9. To do that, add some water and a little bit of flour or cornstarch to a bowl. Stir thoroughly with a fork until the mixture is combined and free from lumps. Add your thickening agent to the sauce little by little until it has the desired consistency.
  10. Serve with rice in the bottom of your bowl/plate, add sauce and top with crispy chicken.


Recipe for crispy chicken with Indian sauce

Here you get the recipe for a delicious meal with crispy chicken and Indian sauce. Crispy, panko breaded chicken with the best and tastiest sauce! Serve with naan bread and rice. If you have some fresh parsley and creme fraiche, both of those on the top are a nice addition. We love eating this for dinner in my home these days! It’s easy, quick and so delicious.

Have you tried making your own crispy chicken before? If not, it’s time to try! It tastes so good. If you use panko bread crumbs instead of the regular finer bread crumbs you will get a much better result. The larger flakes of the panko adds much more texture and crispiness - plus they look better (and we do eat with our eyes)! That said, if you already have the plain bread crumbs, don’t feel that you can’t simply use that instead of panko - we are all for using the ingredients you already have.

Crispy chicken recipe

When you’ve first tried making this crispy chicken recipe, you’ll find yourself making it again and again - we promise you that! It’s one of our favorite workday dinners or sometimes a Friday night dinner when things have to be extra special yet still easy.

Even though it sounds like quite the process to make your own crispy chicken it’s actually super easy. You just need to make sure you fry it in enough oil so it doesn’t burn against the pan.

Recipes for Indian food

Even though this meal might not be traditional Indian food, it does have Indian notes. A delicious sauce with garam masala, which means: garam = warm, masala = spices. Warm Spices. And that’s what we really associate Indian food with. A warm meal with warm spices that are full of amazing flavor.


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