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KUMA VG10 Damascus Chef Knife 8 Inch – 67 Layers of Premium Steel (OUTLET❗️)

KUMA VG10 Damascus Chef Knife 8 Inch – 67 Layers of Premium Steel (OUTLET❗️)

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This product is being sold on outlet as some units in the collection may have issues with the wooden handle not being flush with the rivets and metal tang.


Want to reach the next level in meal preparation? The VG10 Damascus Steel KUMA Chef’s Knife is designed to make your cooking life easier. Our VG10 Damascus steel knife delivers precise performance, durability and comfort in every cut. Enjoy a coffee pakka wood handle that is ever so slightly curved to fit your hand grip with perfection.

Painstakingly crafted in our world-class facility within YangJiang, China by our expert bladesmiths. This is a city with an impressive history of masterful knife crafting throughout nearly 1500 years.

Razor Sharp Out Of The Box

Witness cutting edge sharpness and precision out of the box with this premium multi-purpose cooking knife from KUMA. Hand finished to brutal sharpness. 67 layers of premium Japanese steel deliver extraordinary strength. Exquisite profile design and materials ensure a smooth handling experience. Cut through tomatoes like butter, carve meat to your preference, and even chop as fine as you want. Enjoy unrivaled versatility.

  • KUMA KNIFE BLADES; MAKE YOUR COOKING LIFE EASIER: Many chefs knives appear strong & durable at glance, but inferior blades eventually bend and break under pressure. Enter KUMA: 67 layers of premium VG10 Damascus Steel enable extraordinary strength and longevity in our 8 inch chef knife. An ultra strong and sturdy kitchen knife with chip-resistant steel for solid, lasting resilience.
  • STAY CLEAR OF LOW-GRADE CHEF’S KNIVES: A series of 8 engineering processes and personal, individual hand-finishes with our V-Shape sharpening technology allows for our corrosion resistant VG10 chef knife with lasting sharpness right out of the box. Enjoy an easy cut through vegetables, meat and even your favorite tender, juicy roast like it was butter!
  • NO MORE KITCHEN KNIVES WITH UNCOMFORTABLE, CHEAP HANDLES: Enjoy a premium coffee pakka wood handle that is ever so slightly curved to fit your hand grip just perfectly. Ergonomically designed, ultra comfortable, lightweight, and high quality. With an exquisite design and minimal bolster for smooth and thorough cutting using both regular or pinch grip, this chef's knife has a hand-polished soft spine for a balanced, comfortable grip even while applying firm pressure.
  • LOVELY GIFT FOR THE COOKING ENTHUSIAST AND HOME CHEF: KUMA's beautifully handcrafted, professional-grade VG10 Damascus chef knife comes in a sleek, custom box and includes a high quality sheath / knife guard for convenient kitchen storage. This steel knife is the ultimate cooking tool for both the pro chef and home cook. The box is designed to be ideal for easily wrapping as a gift.
  • DURABLE KITCHEN TOOLS YOU CAN DEPEND ON: KUMA is dedicated to bringing professional cutlery into your home kitchen. We understand that quality kitchen tools are a long-term investment. We stand proudly behind every product we sell. (KUMA recommends to wash all knives by hand with a soapy cloth and dry immediately after. Dishwashers may harm steel cutlery over time).


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