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How To Keep Your Chef Knife Sharp With KUMA Honing Rod!

Today I want to share a great knife maintenance tip that'll show you how to always stay sharp!

Check out this very cool video by Robby Iniba, who is a chef and YouTuber. Here he teaches how to easily and quickly use the KUMA Honing Rod in order to hone a KUMA Chef's Knife.



If you blade is seriously dull, it will need a sharpener or a whetstone rather than just a hone. The difference here is with the KUMA Honing Rod, you basically realign any portions of the edge that may have become slightly bent after usage over time. With a whetstone and sharpening processes, you will actually be grinding off portions of the steel on your blade in order to create a new sharp edge (think of a pencil sharpener). More on that topic soon.

To avoid having to actually sharpen too often, the honing steel is a great tool to help keep proper maintenance of your blade. It doesn't always have to be a lot of hard work to get that nice and sharp edge back of your kitchen knives 😉

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